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Small "blue" flat

Bigger "green" flat

The renovation of this 83m2 flat has been lasted for 2,5 years. Finally we overcame all the obstacles and the flats are now ready and awaiting their new tenants.

Originally the plan was to reconstruct the entire flat but thanks to its big size and the four rooms, I could create two smaller flats each with its own entrance and with a door in between, so the two flats can be or separated or joined.

Certain rooms got new functions, others were „just” transformed: in the smaller flat the bedroom moved into the original kitchen and the kitchen moved into the original balcony that had been already integrated into the flat years ago. In the larger flat one of the rooms was split to host the kitchen and the bathroom and still there are two more rooms for the living-dining room and the bedroom.

Anybody who moves here will love it, because the huge storage space and the modern fully equipped kitchen give the comfort, the materials we used provide a little bit of luxury feeling and the wonderful view from the windows assures the good atmosphere day and night.

Photo: Gábor Fényes

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