With Zsuzsi Bartók, my friend & creative partner, we have created something good agian. A small village in Western Hungary, Jánossomorja hosts the plant and production of Dr. Oetker prducts from frozen pizzas to different flavoured pudding powders. Everything. We remodeled and refurbished the community spaces used by the employees, such as the huge dining room with its kitchen and an other kitchen besides the offices.
The main purpose was to sit as many people as possible in the same time (this need is fulfilled by 27 tables and 131 seats) and more people could heat their food in the kitchen paralelly (8 microwayes) doing this in a pleasant, comfortable, colourful space with good atmosphere.
Even the works were going in very good mood, and the result speaks for itself: colourful, pleasant, comfortable – just as they wished.

Photo: Gábor Fényes


(photo: Kati)

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