This was a really exciting assignment. Our Client – a market leader consulting company – wanted us to redesign their entire office space. They specifically required unique spaces that reflect on the company’s image, support their daily operations and have extraordinary design elements.


The office is located in an old villa, close to the City Park (Városliget). We wanted to have the stylish villa reflected in the interior design while also meeting the owners’ request to be modern and youthful. Finally, our solution included to paint the classical lamps colourful, not to touch the old-style doors and windows and put various design wallpapers on the walls. Additionally, in the community space we put a classical sofa with a modern cover, which stands in front of a photo wall paper showing a downtown street.

We changed the functionalities of the spaces as well. We created a community space where clients can be seated while waiting before a meeting, and where colleagues can also sit and have coffee together. Since then this has become the space for regular staff meetings. We also added a so called training preparation room, which was a completely new element in the office. This space makes it easier to arrange all the logistics and make all the necessary tools for a training.

All in all, we could successfully meet our Client’s requests: a modern and youthful office full of design elements, with separate function rooms which are also inter-connected.

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