The renovation of this apartment in Buda started back in 2008, when the lower level and the bathroom on the first floor were renewed. My clients, who have since become a family with two children, and even the children have grown up, comissioned me to design the upper level and to create the attic. With the involvement of Zsuzsi, we started to develop the design concept and to create the style and design plans.

As the kids are so big that they want their own room, we had to take this into consideration when redesigning the new space. The middle floor was originally included a bedroom, a kid’s room and a study, whereas the new layout included the girl’s room, the bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe and a study. The little boy’s empire was placed in the attic, which had only been used for storage until now. For even greater comfort, we also designed a small bathroom in the corner that included a shower stall and a sink.


Háló, gardrób, dolgozó / vendégszoba, gyerekszoba, padlástér beépítés, fürdőszoba

Padlóburkolat csere, világítás

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