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This 54 square meter flat is right in the downtown of Budapest, in Hold street. At first sight we could not see in what bad condition it was. The problems came to light gradually: the plumbing had to be replaced immediately due to pipeline corrosion. Plaster was falling off the wall and some walls even had to be rebuilt. For these and other issues the entire flat was totally refurbished. The internal height of 3.77 meter allowed us to install a loft bed, just above the bathroom. The toilet and the bathroom were opened up to one space resulting in a more spacious, comfortable area. We put the kitchen in the living room, which was built partly under the staircase of the loft bed, so it did not take up too much space. We created a storage space just under the ceiling of the entrance room – thus gaining more space to walk into the flat and also to have extra storage. The small flat will get bright an modern flooring, tiles and lighting, as well as unique decoration and quality furniture to make it more elegant and cosy. The flat is for long-term rent from spring of 2019.

Photo: Gábor Fényes

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