A French psychologist friend of mine trusted me to plan a new design and new furniture for his office located in the 17th district of Paris. It is a 39 m2 studio apartment with one living room, a small kitchen and a small bathroom. The big challenge was to redesign the bathroom which is under a sloped ceiling and very uncomfortable. Finally, I could come up with a clever use of space and create a comfortable layout for the bathroom. I replaced the tub with a custom-built shower stall, I moved the washbasin – that was on the traffic path – to the other side, which immediately made the bathroom more spacious and comfortable.

I reorganised the kitchen, too: it serves as the patients’ waiting room now. I made several layout variations, the one which will be implemented is yet to be picked.

I tried to match the style of the office with the atmosphere of the building and the personality of the owner. This is how a classically modern interior was created with pleasant colours and different lighting solutions. It was an important aspect for the patients to be able to talk in a pleasant atmosphere. To support this, I designed a fake fireplace, which provides intimacy and cosiness.

It was a great pleasure for me to work on this apartment, because I was very excited to work in a Hausmann building, built around 1930, and not only the door and door handles are original, but most surprisingly, the heating system as well and it still works!

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