Solved! How to Restore iPhone Firmware without iTunes

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And you can only contact Apple Support for help. Press and hold Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for about 10 seconds, release the Sleep/Wake button and keep holding Home button until iTunes detects the iPhone in recovery mode.

  • When the 3 repair steps complete, click „Show preview” or click „Download DEMO file” to check the file content before payment.
  • Read on and get familiar with different solutions to fix iPhone won’t restore error.
  • If you’re unsatisfied with the repairs, we’ll refund your purchase through our 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The steps to DFU Mode is similar to Recovery Mode.
  • My iPhone won’t update, what could be the problem?

It was well worth the $30 to get back my cherished texts, pictures, and notes. I had read every article, tech blog, and Apple support answer I could find to fix my „incompatible” iPhone backup and had tried everything. I was pulling my hair out and thinking I had just lost everything. You have to press the “Volume Up” button and release it quickly. Press the “Volume Down” button and release it quickly. Lastly, you should press and hold the side button; release it once the Apple logo shows on your screen.

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If firmware corrupt or compatibility error is still testing your patience and not going away, try reinstalling the iTunes/Finder. Sometimes iTunes/Finder configuration doesn’t match firmware files and iTunes/Finder upgradation can not solve the solution. After reinstalling the the latest iTunes/Finder, try to update or restore your iPhone again.

  • It naturally builds up huge traffic on Apple’s site, often preventing your device from connecting with the server.
  • If a simple restart of your computer and iTunes/Finder did not work and you don’t understand why, it may be an issue of iTunes being out of date.
  • Firstly, you need to understand the type of error that is displayed.
  • There would be a serial number written besides that (for instance, error 21).
  • This will solve any minor software glitches you are experiencing and put you back on track.

They could not use their backup files until they fully disabled their malware and antivirus protection. So, if you are still getting the same error, try turning off your antivirus software while performing any backup or restore. This one is pretty easy to perform, as long as you can use your iDevice to create another backup.

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